One thing I’ve noticed during my various trips to Mexico (where I now mostly live) is how much I have inherited my father’s outgoing curiosity about other people and what they are doing. Actually, sometimes I can be quite shy if I don’t feel that my mastery of the language is good enough to really communicate. But when that is going okay, I get very nosy in a friendly way, and I can practically feel my father inside my skull.

Another Paul-ism that I notice in myself was my tendency to remark on and be amused by cultural incongruities or oddities. In the small city of Nuevo Casas Grandes, we saw many Mennonite women, always walking behind their menfolk. They wore dresses which were often very pretty, with dressy aprons over them, but I never saw one Mennonite woman who looked happy. Kelly and I had a running contest (very Paul-like) to see who could spot a smiling one. We’ll have to continue it next time go through there… we didn’t see a one.