I do this website in the hopes of bringing the Cordwainer Smith work to more people. With the holidays soon to be upon us, here are three ways that you too can spread the word, while shopping or without spending anything. Of course you can do these at any time of year!

1. Give a Cordwainer Smith book as a gift. There’s an Amazon display on the right of the screen, or here’s a page on my site with links to several online booksellers’ Cordwainer Smith offerings.

2. Tell people where they can read Cordwainer Smith online for free. This link takes you to a page where I list the stories that are available this way. They are put there legitimately… by Baen, who sells an ebook of many of the tales…. you can figure out how to get that from the stories.

3. Wear or give a t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag, or something of the sort – in styles for men, women, unisex, and kids. These are promptly made to order by a company called Cafepress and they ship worldwide and offer a money-back guarantee.

Some of you have already bought some of these from the box on the sidebar (down a ways), but here are some new ones. Thanks to artist Craig Moore, whose Cordwainer Smith art is on my website now, for allowing me to put some of his artwork on the clothing.

You can see all the Cordwainer Smith t-shirts and other items from this link. Here are some examples:

imageThis one is “Golden the Ship Was…” in organic cotton. My husband has this exact shirt and says the cotton is very soft and comfortable.


Mother Hitton’s Littul Kittons look good on black… the little darlings!


I’ve got this exact shirt myself. It reflects my general attitude towards our world, though there ARE times I am more scared than interested! Maybe that’s when I need the shirt the most.