I’m starting the Cordwainer Smith blog in order to:

  • Give you, the readers and fans, a way to make comments on a variety of topics
  • Report on any Cordwainer Smith news that might come along
  • Put up some of the bits and pieces that were buried in obscure corners of the old website
  • Give me a place to ramble now and then about my father

To make it a good environment for comments, you don’t have to register for the blog in order to make a comment. But because the world is as it is, I will be moderating all comments before they appear. I will do this pretty often, but sometimes I am offline for a few days at a time.

I’ll be tweaking the design of the blog and adding content steadily. One reason I chose this particular theme for the blog is that if you use RSS to follow things around the net, it’s easy for you to add this blog to your RSS feed reader. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, do a search at google or your favorite search engine. (I’m starting to use gigablast more often now for my searches.)