Squidoo is a large website where anyone can put pages, or lenses as they are called there–to emphasize the sense of focus on one topic on a page…. err, I mean lens! Anyway, I now have three of the things there on my father and his work. Do click through and take a look!

I did the first one, Cordwainer Smith, a few years ago.

A few weeks ago, I did one on Norstrilia, which has some personal reminiscences in it too. And it talks about the novel and Rod McBan and all that, with some of Corby Waste’s unique art.

Then more recently, I took a class in how to use Squidoo. It was coming up on Father’s Day and our assignment was to write something about our fathers and what we might give them.

Well, since my father died long before personal computers came into being, I wrote: If My Dad Came Back to Life, I Would Give Him a Computer. I used a nice picture of him in front of the stairs of an airplane, back in the days when that was how you got on one.

Do go by and check them out. Maybe you’d like to comment on how many computers you have had, in that last lens!