imageRecently I got an email from a sharp-eyed employee of the Library of Congress who is also a Cordwainer Smith fan. He had come across this photo and thought it might be mislabeled. It said that it was of W.W. Linebarger; click on the image to see the LOC page about it.

W.W. Linebarger was Wayne Wentworth Linebarger, my father’s younger brother. There’s a strong family resemblance but I was pretty sure the photo was of Wentworth (as we always called him). I emailed his daughter and she agreed that it’s definitely him. It was taken in 1943.

It’s a pleasure to me to see Wentworth in a photo again, as he is in large part responsible for my love of photography. He gave me my first good camera, and whenever I saw him we’d talk photography. He loved boating too.